Driver NVIDIA GeForce 546.01 WHQL

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Driver NVIDIA GeForce 546.01 WHQL

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Nuovo set di driver di tipo WHQL per le schede video NVIDIA della famiglia GeForce 600 sino alle più recenti GeForce 30. Di seguito le principali note fornite a corredo:

Game Ready

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
  • Desynced
  • Jusant
  • RoboCop: Rogue City

Fixed Issues

  • Halo Infinite Increased loading times after updating to driver 545.84
  • Halo Infinite Significant performance drop is observed on Maxwell-based GPUs
  • Windows Event Viewer incorrectly logs an error when NVTOPPS stops
  • LG C3 OLED TV does not show up as a validated G-SYNC Compatible display in the NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Stable Diffusion significant performance reduction after driver update

Known Issues

  • A new NVIDIA icon is created in the system tray each time a user switch takes place in Windows.
  • Discord When streaming gameplay, colors may appear muted
  • Windows 10 transparency effects are not displaying correctly after driver update



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